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Basketball with the Bros

I feel incredibly blessed by all the love, support and encouragement I have received throughout my journey to victory by God’s grace thus far.

Today I was blessed with the company of my neighbors Kojo and Brandon for a few jumpers at our neighborhood court. These men are definitely my brothers for life and have shown themselves to be true friends in every sense of the word. Given that I am allowed to do very light exercises I knew I could ask them at a moment’s notice if they would join me and feel supported. Our conversation was rich as always while uplifting. I don’t know what it is about bonding over sports but it’s something I have done my entire life. Most of my lifelong friends were developed through sports. Brandon and Kojo were good friends before my life took on a new phase. Now I can say with the utmost confidence they are brothers.

Also for those who are curious I can share I still got a little bit of a jumper.

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