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David’s sling and my Radiation

During radiation, I really cannot do anything. Sitting still while the machine does its work is my job. One strategy I have started is visualizing each radiation shot into the tumors as David’s sling when he faced Goliath. Knocking out this opponent of Giloblastoma will be my testimony. I know that through modern medicine God is working it out for my good. These visualization exercises have been helpful to keep me engaged in my fight. Also, I try to focus on breathing in health and peace.

I have also been blessed with a team that ensures each treatment is successful. I affectionately call them double T. Every morning when I arrive they are ready to set me up in the machine and make sure I am comfortable. Not long after I am strapped into the radiation machine I have my praise and worship music playing. To date I have alternated between Marvin Sapp Essentials and Travis Greene Essentials on Apple Music. Both have helped me remain peaceful and locked in to the healing process that is taking place through God’s grace and mercy.

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