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Getting Ready for Game Day

Monday is one of the biggest days of my life. I will begin chemo and radiation treatment to help defeat this cancer. Emotionally I feel a host of different things: nervous, confident, and curious. I have been given insight into how my body might respond, but I won’t know until I go through it. Overall, I feel positive and am looking forward to winning a victory over cancer while understanding this is a critical part of that process. Having prepared for many games in my life I know the importance of having the right mentality before facing any opponent. The opponent for the coming week happens to be cancer. I understand my treatment plan and the steps I need to take to be ready to go once the ball is kicked off for lack of a better term. The lessons I’ve learned thus far in life of doing the little things right prepares you for the big things. We are not promised an easy life, but we are promised a victory through the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary. God needs us more than ever to build His kingdom on earth. This will require each of us to do our part. I have a role to play on Monday just as I did last Friday before my surgery.

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