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It’s all love on the 4th of July

The 4th has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid watching or lighting fireworks were some of my favorite memories. No matter the location I was in Tulsa, Beggs, or Minneapolis I had a wonderful time. This Fourth of July was no different. The Epps family hosted us - myself, Darla, Savannah, my in-laws and my mother - and made us all feel at home. The love for my family was felt from the moment we walked in. I knocked on the door, the door opened and to my surprise everyone inside was standing, cheering and applauding me. The encouragement for my fight lifted my spirit. Also, the testimony of a cancer victory that was also celebrated with us underscored that I will win this fight. I cannot thank the Epps family enough for the memory they helped facilitate for us today. I hope all had a wonderful day with the ones they love and cherishing the time. Remember to keep walking by faith on your own road to victory!

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