Thank You LA!

It has been a trip of a lifetime. Being informed that I would need to fly to Los Angeles for a specific type of brain surgery was a lot to process in the moment. However, I deeply appreciate the love, kindness, support and encouragement I received while in Los Angeles. The medical team led by Dr. Black was excellent. The quality was also evident with all those we encountered at Cedars-Sinai. I am someone who appreciates quality and I can unequivocally say that’s what I experienced.

Beyond the medical treatment, Darla and I were the recipients of kindness through our extended community. Marlo whom we met through my Tulsa based neurologist ensured our wedding anniversary was special by preparing a wonderful homemade dinner for us. Additionally, Marlo introduced us to her God brother Lance and his wife Cheron. The LA natives went out of their way to show us their city from Santa Monica pier, the Observatory from a distance and Roscoe’s. Each stop along the way they made sure we were comfortable. Additionally, they opened their home for us to do laundry. When you’re traveling for an extended period of time a place to wash clothes is a luxury we were happy to enjoy because of their kindness. They are definitely apart of our tribe now and we hope to return the hospitality in Tulsa soon.

The kindness kept flowing through Darla’s extended network. I am convinced my wife knows someone in every city in America. First, Darla’s sister’s godsister Mary picked us up from the airport and ran us to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Darla’s friend and my frat brother Dave and his wife hosted us for dinner in their home. It was great to be able to get out of the hotel for a moment and enjoy a meal at a dining room table. We will forever cherish those memories of fellowship. The good food didn’t stop there. Another one of Darla’s friends Anthony who is a great cook brought us homemade dinner on another night. That orange chicken was amazing! And a host of people reached out to help. We were unable to see everyone due to the circumstances and time, but your offers meant the world to us.

Though the circumstances that catalyzed the trip are not ideal, God’s work has been evident throughout and I cannot thank the new members of our tribe enough who are LA based for the love.

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